Zoom Transcription Services: How to Transcribe Meetings | Sonix

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Zoom Transcription Services: How to Transcribe Meetings | Sonix

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Sonix can convert your Zoom meeting recordings to text in a few minutes based on the length of your Zoom meeting. Sonix is the most accurate automated transcription service. Transcribe Zoom meetings in dozens of languages including Spanish, French, and German.

Free trial • No credit card required • 30 minutes free

Follow these 5 easy steps to quickly transcribe a Zoom meeting:

Record the meeting in Zoom
Click the “Record” button at the bottom of the Zoom screen. If you don't see it, it is in the “More” menu item.

End the meeting & save the recording
Click “End Meeting” on the bottom of your screen. A recording of your meeting will be saved in “My Documents > Zoom.”

Log in to Sonix
Log in into your Sonix account. Or you can create a new Sonix account here.

Select file to upload
In Sonix, click “Upload” and “Select file from my computer” and then go to “My Documents > Zoom” and click the folder, then the recording of the Zoom meeting you want to transcribe.

Transcribe Zoom meeting
Choose the language and then hit the “Transcribe” button.

And that's how to get transcripts from Zoom recording sessions. You’ll get an online transcript of your Zoom meeting from Sonix in just a few minutes.

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool. It allows users to meet online with or without video and also has a desktop client and a mobile app. Users can record meetings, share screens, and collaborate on projects. In short, Zoom is the world-wide leader in modern enterprise video communications especially with their room conferencing systems. Zoom.us provides businesses with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, and webinar hosting.

Does Zoom transcribe meetings?

Unfortunately, no. Zoom doesn't have a native or live transcription feature. That's why Sonix is a great solution for your Zoom transcription needs.

Can you transcribe an already recorded Zoom meeting?

Yes, you can. And it's easy to do this. Simply upload your Zoom meeting video recording to Sonix. That's it! Our cutting-edge speech-to-text algorithms will automatically transcribe it for you.

Sonix automatically transcribes and translates your audio and video files in over 38 languages. Easily search, edit, and share your media files. Sonix is the best way to transcribe and translate your Zoom meetings. Sonix supports audio and video in 38+ languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

30 minutes free • Free audio transcription & translation

With work-from-home (WFH) setups becoming popular, Zoom meetings are now a fact of everyday business operations. However, it becomes a challenge for teams to manually transcribe zoom recording sessions.

The solution is getting a zoom transcription service.

Delegating Zoom meeting transcription to an automated tool allows you to get the minutes for every session automatically. You can then send the transcripts to participants for their review. It’s also a useful reference for people who couldn’t join due to technical difficulties.

Zoom auto transcription services can also help you save time and money. Doing it yourself locks your precious time from doing other more useful tasks. On the other hand, hiring a professional Zoom transcription professional can be expensive, especially if you do multiple meetings in a week.

In comparison, a Zoom speech-to-text platform like Sonix can deliver accurate results while costing just a fraction of what a professional will charge.

A Zoom transcription tool can also turn marketing videos like webinars into other forms of content. This can extend the life of your marketing assets.

Sonix is the world’s most advanced automated transcription, translation, and subtitling platform. Fast, accurate, and affordable.


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