Zoom now lets you transcribe meetings in real time | TechRadar

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Zoom now lets you transcribe meetings in real time | TechRadar

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Otter.ai transcribing service offers transcribing tool

Zoom conference calls are set to get a whole lot more interactive thanks to a partnership with transcription service Otter.ai.

The video conferencing service has announced Otter Live Notes, which means that calls can now be transcribed in real time.

Participants can now open a live transcript directly from Zoom to follow along, scroll back, and read at their own pace, as well as being able to highlight, comment, and add photos collaboratively to create meeting notes everyone can review and share. 

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"At a time when most meetings, events, and classes are "going virtual", remote workers and students increasingly struggle to listen and pay attention while taking notes. Now more than ever, businesses and schools need tools that can capture information accurately and make accessible immediately," wrote Simon Lau, VP of Product at Otter.ai.

Otter Live Notes is available now for Otter for Teams and Zoom Pro subscribers or higher.

To activate the function during a Zoom meeting, users just need to click the “Otter.ai Live Transcript” button within their chat window. This will take them to the Live Video Meeting Notes page on Otter.ai’s site to view the transcription.

The service also allows users to annotate their notes in real-time, allowing for collaborative note-taking among all the participants on the call to share opinions and ideas.

Live Video Meeting Notes is a paid feature included in the Otter for Teams plan, with no additional per-minute fees. Users will need to get their Zoom administrator to pre-approve Otter in the Zoom marketplace and allow live streaming in Zoom, before approving live streaming in their chat window themselves.

The partnership may help entice users back to Zoom following a number of security issues in past weeks.

The company recently unveiled Zoom 5.0, with the update offering a number of welcome upgrades including a number of security enhancements such as support for AES 256-bit GCM encryption and more control over meetings.

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