What’s this xfinitywifi network and why do I keep connecting? – JimmyTech

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What’s this xfinitywifi network and why do I keep connecting? – JimmyTech

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If you often tinker with your Wi-Fi network settings, no doubt you’ve seen the xfinitywifi network popping up as an available option. And it might drive you crazy because your devices keep connecting and you can’t get on the internet. So here is how you can either take advantage of the network or get rid of it.

But first, a little background. The xfinitywifi network is a huge Wi-Fi network created by Comcast using their own customer-rented routers as nodes on this network. If you’re a Comcast customer this can be a huge perk, especially if you spend much time in the city and don’t want to use mobile hotspot data. If you are a Comcast customer you can just hop on one of these and log in with your Comcast credentials to get on the Internet. And if you have one of the Xfinity Gateways at home (the shiny black upright boxes), you are hosting part of the xfinitywifi network yourself. But if you are here is why you shouldn’t worry about that detail:

So if you’re a Comcast Xfinity customer, go ahead and log in using your the same Comcast login information you would use to access your bills online. As you travel around, anytime your devices see this network they will pick it up automatically.

UPDATE: iOS 11 and macOS Mojave introduced a feature that may be even better than the steps below. You can now choose to not automatically connect to the network even though it’s remembered. That way you need to explicitly choose it each time you want to connect, preventing it from being added to your network list again in the future. The drawback is that you will need to do this on each device. On iOS the info pane will give you an option you can turn off called “Auto Join”. On Mac you can just uncheck the box next to the network you no longer want to connect to automatically.

At some point in the past you likely clicked on the network, drawn in by the lack of a padlock icon on the WiFi list. Unfortunately, your device will keep trying to connect until you:

This can be a problem because the xfinitywifi network is not going to be as fast as your regular home network and because it’s isolated from your home network you won’t be able to access other devices such as printers. But the fix is pretty easy. It won’t guarantee that you’ll always connect to the right one, but this will make it much less likely.

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