Velux blinds & Skylights in Sydney, Brisbane & Across Australia

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Velux blinds & Skylights in Sydney, Brisbane & Across Australia

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Enhance the interiors of your family home or office with roof windows and blinds. Velux ticks all the boxes: manufacturing material, color, designs, style or operating function. We supply & install the full range of Velux Roof Windows and blinds in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.

Check out our gallery to get some insights about our extensive range of Velux skylights & roof windows in Australia. We also stock all Velux blinds and accessories.


Category: Roof Windows

Brand: Velux

Type: Fixed

Velux FS Fixed Roof Windows with High Performance Double Glazing

Cost effective for creating light-filled rooms where adequate ventilation already exists.

These units include High Performance Double Glazing. Optional manual and solar powered block-out and honeycomb blinds are available for these units.

Note: Velux Roof Flashing Sold Separately

Type: Manual Openable

Velux VS

Manually Operated top-hung skylights from Velux including high performance double glazed glass.

Provides the comfort and energy savings of free daylight and natural ventilation. Operated by winder handle from with reach situations or by rod for out of reach use, up to 285cm above head height. High Performance Double Glazing is included on these units.

Type: Solar Openable

Velux VSS

Solar Powered top-hung skylights from Velux.

Features a solar panel that captures available daylight to recharge a highly efficient, concealed battery powered operator and control system. Also includes rain sensor for automatic closing. High Performance Double Glazing as standard. Radio Frequency Controller with advanced control options for skylight and (optional) blind operation.

Type: Electric Openable

Velux VSE Electric Skylights

The ultimate skylight that provides abundant daylight and controllable ventilation. The electric skylight comes complete with built-in electric motors and rain sensor. Includes radio frequency controller with advanced control options for both skylight and (optional) blind operation. High Performance Double Glazing is standard on all VSE units.


Category: Accessories

Type: Solar Honeycomb

Solar Powered Honeycomb Blind

A stylish and modern blind providing protection from heat and glare while providing a near complete blockout from light. Using a honeycomb structured material, this blind reduces light by approximately 95% and heat by approximately 60%. Available in white only.

Type: Manual Honeycomb

Manual Honeycomb Blind

Type: Solar Blockout

Solar Powered Blockout Blind

Provides near complete blockout from light. Blind can be stopped at any position on the window. Reduces light by approximately 100% and heat by 40%. Available in white only.

Type: Blackout Blind

Manual Blockout Blind

Type: Flashing

Standard Velux Roof Flashing sized to match your Velux Window size.

Note – Only Suitable for Tile Roofs and Roof Pitches Greater than 15 Degrees.

Type: Rod Control

Control rod to operate VELUX Skylights out of reach. For high, out of reach spaces. Easy to use design.

If you would like to add value to your home, Velux skylights are a cost-effective and efficient natural lighting option, and Velux quality blinds will allow you to control natural lighting and block out intense midday heat when required.

Explore the entire range of Velux skylights & roof windows online, choose from fixed roof windows, manual openable, solar powered or electric openable skylights. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, talk to our team at 1300 859 561, we will be happy to alternatives to Velux including custom skylights and other natural lighting solutions.

Our representative will contact you within 48 hours to provide a no obligation free quote.

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