Velux Blinds London | installation of Velux Blinds | PMV Blinds

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Velux Blinds London | installation of Velux Blinds | PMV Blinds

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Whether you're looking for a little bit of privacy or want to control the amount of light you let in, we can offer to supply and install Velux blinds to your Velux windows, See our collection below.

Blackout 24/7
Blackout even when the sun is shining.

Reduces heat gain and loss
Reflect heat from the sun in the summer.


Retain heat in the winter.

High quality
Tested to ensure best blackout on the market.

Choose between 24 standard colours.

Modern Design
Slim aluminium side channels integrate perfectly with your roof window.

Light Dimming
Double pleated cloth with honeycomb structure. 

Energy efficient
Aluminium coating inside improves the insulation effect by up to 19%.

Sleek design
Neat pleats and no visible cords. 

Flexible positioning
Not fixed to bottom or top - allowing 100% flexibility. 

Choose between 12 colours.

Complete light control
Control amount and direction of incoming light and shadows.

Award-winning design
Praised for the unique tilt mechanism and cordless operation.

Easy to clean
Water and stain resistant.

Classic colours
Choose between 9 classical colours.

Well suited for bathrooms and kitchens.

Combine with... 
VELUX awning blinds for additional heat protection.

Soft lighting effects
Elegant and decorative with soft lighting effects.

Flexible and stepless positioning
Not fixed to top or bottom - allowing 100% flexibility.

Many colours available in 20 contemporary fabrics.

Easy cleaning
Fabric can be dismounted for easy cleaning.

Interchangeable fabrics for endless flexibility in style.

Colourful light effects
Softens incoming light. 

Beautiful decoration for living rooms.

Flexible positioning
Not fixed to bottom or top - allowing 100% flexibility.

Choose between 20 colours.

Combine with...
VELUX awning blind for additional heat protection.

Offers basic privacy.

Diffuses the light
Softens the incoming light.

Well suited for living rooms.

Choose between 15 colours and patterns.

Combine with..
VELUX awning blinds for additional heat protection.

Roller shutters prevent the loss of energy.

Protect your roof windows during harsh weather.

Made of hard-wearing aluminium.

Complete blackout.

Noise reduction.

Blocks the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane and reduces passive heating by up to 72%.

Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view.

Solar powered operation available for out of reach windows.

Manual operation also available for easy reach windows.

Stay in control with the Velux active smartphone app.

Use your mobile device to monitor your indoor climate and control the operation of your Velux Integra electric roof windows, blinds and shutters from anywhere.

Velux Active is Apple HomeKit compatible, letting you control your Velux Integra products and other smart home devices using voice control. 

Simply tell Siri to close your roof window blinds or create the perfect mood for a cosy night at home.

At PMV Blinds we can supply and fit Velux blinds for you, all Velux blinds purchased through us come with a 3 year guarantee.

We install Velux blinds in London, Velux blinds in Hertfordshire, Velux blinds in Essex, Velux blinds in Oxfordshire and Velux blinds in Cambridgeshire.

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