‎Trying to get NAT type open for two Xboxes hardlined to ATT BGW320-505 Gateway | AT&T Community Forums

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‎Trying to get NAT type open for two Xboxes hardlined to ATT BGW320-505 Gateway | AT&T Community Forums

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Fri, Dec 24, 2021 10:23 PM

By default if you connect an Xbox One to ATT Gateway (BGW320-505) it will have NAT type "strict" (which is not great - https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hardware-network/connect-network/xbox-one-nat-error)

These ports must be open for Xbox Live to work:

"opening ports" or "port forwarding."


Port 88 (UDP)

Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)

Port 53 (UDP and TCP)

Port 80 (TCP)

Port 500 (UDP)

Port 3544 (UDP)

Port 4500 (UDP)

I've set up each Xbox to it's own unique:

- Static IP address

- Port Forwarding TCP/UDP port number

I don't know how to do this with the ATT gateway's configuration GUI.

I managed to achieve configuring the desired effect with a NETGEAR Nighthawk router (each Xbox had NAT type open through a bunch of config changes) but I'm lost with this ATT Gateway GUI.



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Here's a link to a great write up forum member @rtyargh5 posted in June. 


I just noticed that I somehow completely missed the fact that you want to do this for TWO Xboxes. 


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If you want to do this for two XBOXes, then you'll need a second public IP address.   You can get a block of 5 (usable) static public addresses (in addition to your public dynamic that you get anyway), for a monthly fee (of $15, last I heard).

Once you set up the Public Static Block, you can then assign one of your 5 addresses to the XBOX.  You don't even have to do port forwarding for it. Keep in mind that the XBOX will have essentially no firewall protection, unless you define packet filters for it in the Gateway.


If anyone comes here for the same reason, here is the solution I arrived at.

I set each xbox to have a dynamic IP address (I formerly had them manually set, I removed that)

Screen shots of Gateway GUI below.

Step 1, set up a service for each port number shown. Step 2, assign created services to whichever Xbox. Also throw in COD pre-made service for good measure. My xboxes have custom names `SMURF1` and `XBOXONE`, Those dumb names I threw onto them a long time ago. Xbox default device names look different than that.



As long as you can use different ports with the different consoles, that's fine.  But if you need to use the same port, no can do.

Additional information regarding the solution I arrived at:

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It ain't happening. Your only option is to buy a 2nd router that has uPnP and connect it after your ATT router via Ethernet... Then Disable DNS/DHCP/NAT and everything inside the ATT Router (to basically use it as a modem only) and then have the 2nd Router do all of the DNS, DHCP (assigning local IP addresses), and NAT (port forwarding).

The reason you can't do it without uPnP is because Xbox One consoles only allow you to pick an alternate port for 3074... If they also allowed alternate ports for 88, 80, 4500, 3544, 500, and 53 then it would be possible to manually forward those alternate ports as well - but they don't, so uPnP is required.

So once your 2nd router is up and running and doing all of the actual routing... you would port forward port 3074 to one Xbox One.... and then on the 2nd Xbox you'd go to advanced network settings and choose an alternate port for 3074 on that Xbox and also port forward that port two 2nd Xbox. uPnP will cover the rest.

Obviously AT&T isn't going to tell you that you'll have to buy a new router that has uPnP (because they decided you're too dumb to handle uPnP so they've not even given you the option of using it). But you definitely will...

@TheStonedDruid while what you say is mostly true, it is not necessary, or permitted by the community guidelines, to post the same content over and over again.  Pick a thread, preferably a recently active one, and reply to it.  Dredging up 3 year old threads is not okay.

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