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Skylight & Velux Blinds Brighton & Hove | Brighton Sunblinds

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Velux Blinds

The sky’s the limit

Loft conversions have become increasingly popular in recent years. The renovation has triggered a number of new additions to the home – including a rise in the installation of Velux windows. At Brighton Sunblinds, we know that skylight blinds, with their superior light control and simple operation, are instrumental in dressing your Velux windows and perfecting your newly renovated loft.

Brighton Sunblinds supply blinds specifically to dress Velux roof windows. We understand that Velux windows can be difficult to measure – which is why we do it for you. Our made-to-measure blinds include a free home visit and measuring service. We will install skylight blinds that fit your Velux windows exactly, and will even include an operational wand of perfect length for optimum accessibility.

The Benefits of Velux Blinds

Our range is extensive, and we provide blinds for skylight windows in the following styles:

In addition, each of these styles can be highly customised with a continually growing range of colours, fabrics and textures.

Velux blinds are easy to install and simple to operate. Our ergonomically designed pole replaces any loose cords or loops, making it exceptionally safe for kids and family homes. Not Velux? We also supply blinds for other skylight window manufacturers including Fakro and Keylite.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we provide Velux blinds of exceptionally high quality to Brighton, Hove and beyond. We offer free quotations, free home visits and free measurement services to ensure you receive the perfect blinds solution. To enquire about any of our products or services, give us a call today.

As per usual Brighton Sunblinds have provided the required product up to their usual immaculate standard. And the fitting was completed to the usual standard with no stress or disruption. I would recommend this company for their service and commitment to their customers. Very impressed.

We have an extensive showroom just outside the centre of Brighton.

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