How To Make Sure Your Xbox Series X/S Games Are Always Updated

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How To Make Sure Your Xbox Series X/S Games Are Always Updated

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There’s nothing better than kicking back after a stressful day at work and diving in with a new game. If you’re an Xbox Series X or S owner, this might come in the form of Psychonauts 2 or any of the other recent hits on Xbox Game Pass. But as much fun as gaming can be, it can also be riddled with frustration — particularly if you get caught on the wrong side of a game update.

A long time ago, you’d download a game or put a disc in, and that would be that. The game would start and you’d be off to the races.

Now, games get weekly or even daily updates that can be over 50GB — and if that game requires the use of online connectivity or it was purchased digitally, you might actually have to stop and wait for it to update before you can even boot it up.

It means there’ll be some days where you sit down to a game and you’ll never actually get to play it because of how long updates can take.

Luckily, there’s a solution — and you just need to tinker around with the Xbox Series X or S settings to find it.

To make sure your games are always up-to-date and ready to play, you’ll want to make sure you have keep my console up to date and keep my games & apps up to date checked in the settings menu.

Here’s how to navigate to these options:

Check both boxes, and your Xbox will have permission to keep all games updated on a daily basis. It means even if your console is asleep overnight, you’ll still be able to turn it on and have all your updates completed.

But there are two additional steps you’ll need to ensure your Xbox can receive updates without manual input. First, follow this path:

Then, make sure turn off storage when Xbox is turned off is unchecked and switch your power mode selection to instant-on.

As long as both these settings are correct, your console will automatically push through any game updates and help you kick off long nights of gaming without the wait.

When you need a good game in a jiffy, these settings will be an absolute blessing.

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