How to Fix your Broken Roller Blind | Humberside Sunblinds

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How to Fix your Broken Roller Blind | Humberside Sunblinds

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Roller blinds are an attractive and effective choice of blinds and this makes them a very popular option. They’re reliable, too, which means they rarely need adjustments or replacement parts, but like all mechanical items, they can occasionally need some fettling. Here’s a quick run-down of the more common roller blind issues.

There’s no specialist tools required to fix roller blinds and you should be able to find the following items around the house:

The mounting brackets attach your blinds to your window frame and it is crucial they are aligned properly and are level with each other. If they are either misaligned or uneven, chances are this is the source of all your roller blinds problems.

Also, check to see if your blinds are touching the side of the window frame as they retract. This could indicate that your brackets are out of kilter, too.

If your blinds cannot be raised or lowered, it’s likely there’s a problem with the spring tension. It will either be too tight or too loose and this means you need to find the ‘goldilocks spot’ for retensioning the spring.

If you are ever unsure as to why your roller blinds are not functioning properly, get in touch with a trusted blinds and window coverings company. With expert help, you’ll have your blinds in perfect working order in no time. If your blinds are a recent addition to your home, check the manufacturers guarantee to see if you qualify for free repair and replacement services.

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