How to fix the headphone jack on an Android | Asurion

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How to fix the headphone jack on an Android | Asurion

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January 26th, 2022

Our headphones do more than allow us to listen to music or podcasts in private—they make it easy to have hands-free conversations, anytime, anywhere. They've become so essential to our daily lives that it's hard to get much done without them. So if your headphones aren't working with your Android™ phone, it can be a real hassle.

Don't worry, here at Asurion, we help millions of people fix and get the most out of their tech every day. From repairing a Samsung Galaxy® that won't charge to resetting an Amazon Fire® tablet, we get the devices you rely on most back up and running fast. Here's our guide on how to fix the headphone jack on your Android.

The first thing you should do is plug your headphones into another device to make sure they aren't the problem. If you don't have another smartphone handy, try a laptop or a TV.

You should also try plugging a different pair of headphones into your Android in case your original pair isn't compatible with your phone—even if they work with other devices.

If your headphones don't seem to be the problem, check your phone's volume and audio settings by pressing the Volume buttons to make sure the sound isn't muted or turned way down.

Don’t let a broken phone ruin your day

When your phone stops working, your life shouldn’t have to. Head to your nearest store or schedule an appointment to get it fixed fast.

Schedule a repair

Restarting your device can fix all sorts of issues, so let's see if that's why the headphone jack isn't working on your Android. Press and hold the Power button, then tap Restart. Once your phone turns back on, try your headphones again.

Make sure your phone isn't connected to a different device via Bluetooth®, which could prevent audio from coming through your headphones. Here's how to turn off Bluetooth to see if that's the problem. Steps could vary depending on your Android device.

Your phone's audio jack may be full of dust and debris. To clean it out, blow into the jack or use a can of compressed air to do so. You can also use a cotton swab—apply a few drops of alcohol to the end of one and gently try to clean out the debris.

If you've tried these steps and still need a little help, we're right around the corner. Schedule a repair at the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ store and our certified experts can get your device back up and running as soon as the same day.

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No matter the issue, our experts can repair your broken device fast. Make an appointment or visit your local store today.

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