Fixing a Faucet that Leaks From its Neck - iFixit Repair Guide

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Fixing a Faucet that Leaks From its Neck - iFixit Repair Guide

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The model of this particular faucet is unknown although I believe it is a Kingston brass given the handle design. If you need to find out the model of your faucet you can check the handles for the brand tag/logo or the stem canister of the handle. To check the stem canister you may have to completely remove the faucet base. A quick google search will show you how to do this as it is not covered in this guide. This guide shows the user how to fix a leaky faucet neck by replacing the O-ring found between the faucet neck and faucet base. This O-ring acts as a seal to prevent leakage while the faucet is running. The O-ring can be found at your home improvement store and is a fairly common item. An important note worth mentioning is that by taking your faucet neck into one of these home improvement stores you will receive help on what size O-ring you will need.

Here is an article to more insight on finding your faucet model:

Adjustable Wrench

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The hot water valve is usually located on the left side, and the cold water valve on the right.

Rotate both the hot and cold water valves underneath the sink in order to turn them off.

Most water supply valves need to be turned clockwise to shut them off, but some valves may need to be turned counter-clockwise.

"Multi-Turn" valves will rotate many times before stopping. The other newer type is a "Quarter-Turn" valve and will shut off in a quarter turn of the knob. Quarter turn valves usually have smaller knobs than shown.

Test that the water is turned off by turning the faucet on for both cold and hot water and checking if any water runs. If there is still running water, you either turned the wrong valve(s), or you need to turn them the other direction.

It is also common for the water supply valves to fail and you will need to turn the main water off in that case.


If the neck of the faucet will not disconnect from the base you have to use an adjustable wrench.

Place the claw of an adjustable wrench around the threads on the neck of the sink and twist the wrench clockwise to unscrew the two parts.

After taking the neck off check the O-ring located on the bottom of the neck.

Be careful to use a lot of pressure with the adjustable wrench as to have a better grip around the faucet neck. You want to do this in order to not damage or strip the faucet neck.

Now that you have taken the faucet neck off the base you will want to take a closer look at the bottom of the neck. If your o-ring looks old and cracked, this is likely the cause of your leak, and indicates the o-ring should be replaced.

Pull the black o-ring off of the end of the faucet.

You will know that the O-ring needs to be replaced when it is falling apart like this.

To put the new O-ring on, slide one end of the O-ring on with both thumbs

Use the pressure with your thumbs to gently slide it on completely.

Be careful while doing as too much pressure could cause the O-ring to stretch or tear. Causing damage like this to the new O-ring could stop it from preventing leaking.

Now that you have the O-ring completely on, you are ready to reconnect the neck back to the base of the faucet.

Screw the neck back on the base of the faucet and tighten it with your bare hands.

Make sure it is tight but not too compressed. So use your bare hands. You want the O-ring to be able to seal off the faucet base as to not cause any leakage but not so much so that you are unable to unscrew them again.

Remember to turn your water back on by turning the water supply valves under the sink!

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I have always faced a leaky pipe problem and get worried that how can I replace it or should I call an emergency plumber? But this guide is really nice and contains complete knowledge about how to repair the leaky faucet from its neck. I will try to repair my leaky faucet through your given steps. Thanks for sharing this guide.

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