Downloads while being in standby mode doesn't work currently with Xbox Series X : xboxinsiders

Thứ Tư, ngày 05/10/2022 - 11:52
Downloads while being in standby mode doesn't work currently with Xbox Series X : xboxinsiders

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Basically everyone I ask confirms this. The console doesn't do anything while you have it in standby even if you activated everything correctly.

If you have downloads and you go into standby and come back 8 hours later, it continues right where you left off.

Wasn't this tested, like at all before launch?

I've been having the same problem, but just found a potential solution on the main Xbox subreddit from another user. "You should check if you ticked in the box that says turn off storage when Xbox is turned off. Uncheck that box, the downloads need the storage. You can find this here: Settings --> Power mode & startup" This seems to have fixed the issue for me. I thought this option was only for external hard drives, but I guess not.

Fucking. Thank. You.

Thank you! This worked for me. It was really bugging me! Obvious when you think about it I guess!

I'm late to the party but, THANK FUCKING GOD FOR YOU.

Yep, I've been trying to pass this around as much as possible. I left my Xbox with 50-some-odd updates last night and woke up with everything completed. Before leaving the room I noted that my network switch lights for the port the Xbox was on and the uplink port were both still flashing indicating network activity. It's not a bug -- it's a setting that defaults to storage off :P

This fixed for me as well. Thanks. Was driving me crazy

Thank you!! This helped me. I was getting frustrated.... bc my quick resume doesn’t really work either. Haha

goat thank u bro

No working☹️

I tried this doesn't work... i m going Crazy...

This worked for me.

This worked for me as well

Like why would it want to"turn off the drive" it's an ssd, not some hdd in sleep mode right!?

I have always had that option turned off yet never had this problem on my OneX or OneS.

On those it just seemed to use the drives as needed in standby but then turned them off when done.

There’s not even a box that says turn on/off storage when I go to power mode & start up. There’s nothing but thing that deal with start up & power, not storage.

I did that and I’m still having this issue I have every setting on right and my games aren’t downloading while in standby mode

Mine definitely works. Downloaded battlefield V last night after I switched it off.

Did you enable it? Off the top of my head there is an eco setting and fast boot, but pretty sure fast boot also allows for downloading in standby, either way it definitely works I downloaded Cold War over night

Can confirm, one has to choose the instant-on option.

Yes I obviously activated everything for it. Maybe it works for some people but I saw at least 20 other with the same problem.

This wasnt working on my sons series S either. A thought just occured to me though, have you set your console as your home console? I'm wondering if the console will only download in standby by if it is set as someones home console.

That's an interesting point. I have multiple Xboxes so the Series X is not my home Xbox and despite having the settings correct, it stops downloads when in standby mode.

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