Can You Put Xbox Series S/X In Rest Mode And Install Games While Off?

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Can You Put Xbox Series S/X In Rest Mode And Install Games While Off?

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Since its release, the Xbox Series S/X has caught on, and many Xbox fans love the range of games available for download. However, downloading games takes quite a lot of time, and you can’t do it while gaming. So, does the Xbox Series S/X have a Rest mode that allows you to download games in the background? 

The Xbox Series S/X does have a Rest mode, but you’ll have to select it in the power settings. The Instant-On mode on an Xbox is the equivalent of Standby or Rest mode and allows you to download and install games in the background, or even from the Xbox smartphone app. 

While it is somewhat difficult to find, you can benefit from changing the settings to Instant-On mode. It also allows you to power on the console much faster but leaving it in this mode can consume a lot of energy. 

If you’re used to the Rest mode on the PS4 and 5, you’ll be surprised to see that the Xbox Series S/X (on Amazon) doesn’t have the same option. However, the Xbox Series S/X does have a Rest mode, although it’s named differently, and you’ll have to check the power settings to find it. 

The Standby or Rest mode on the Xbox Series S/X is called the “Instant-On” mode. It’s the same as the Standby mode on your laptop or the Rest mode on the PS5 and allows you to get into games much faster. 

The Instant-On mode allows you to power the device partially off. The screen may be off, but most of the functions will work. While it is a convenient setting, most people struggle to find it since it’s named differently on the Xbox. 

Xbox series S/X does install and download games while off, but only if you leave it in the right Standby mode. If the console is on Power-Saving mode, you won’t be able to download games when it’s off. However, the Instant-On mode allows you to continue the downloads while the Xbox is on standby. 

This feature is critical for gamers since they won’t want to waste precious gaming time waiting for downloads that can take several hours to complete. Of course, most modern games can be downloaded from the Xbox Store, but having the Standby download option is crucial with increasingly larger games. 

While you can download games while gaming, it significantly reduces the Xbox performance. This could cause lag issues and disrupt your gaming experience.

To download games while the Xbox is on Standby, simply start the download process and change the power settings to Instant-On mode, and your downloads will continue in the background. 

You’ll need to change the power settings to put an Xbox Series S/X in Rest mode. To find rest mode on an Xbox Series S/X: 

While you can get the Xbox into Rest mode, the process is quite complicated for new users. Also, remember that Instant-On mode is the equivalent of Power mode or Standby mode on an Xbox since many people mistake it for the Energy-Saving mode. 

If you compare this process to finding the Rest mode on a PS5, it’s pretty clear why many people say that the Xbox can be complicated at times.

With a PS5, all you need to do is select the Rest mode from the quick menu, and your PS4 will switch off on standby, allowing you to download and install games in the background. 

The instant-on mode on an Xbox is the equivalent of the power mode on a PS5. It allows you to start the Xbox quickly, and you can download games while the console is on Standby. The Instant-On mode will enable you to switch the Xbox on in around 15 seconds and get into your games. 

The only downside is that this mode uses more power, especially if you have something downloading in the background.

To avoid wasting power, you can change the settings when you want to download games and switch back to energy-saving mode when the download is done. 

The Energy-Saving mode is the alternative to the Instant-On mode on the Xbox Series S/X. It’s the default mode and helps you save energy since it shuts the console down completely. 

The downside to the Energy-Saving mode is you’ll have to wait almost a minute for the Xbox to start, and you can’t download anything on standby. 

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