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Can you create an audio transcript on Zoom? | Take Note

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With the dramatic rise in home and socially distant working practices, many of Take Note’s users are looking at alternative methods to capture and create transcripts for their analysis or records. This is a simple guide on how to create an audio transcript on Zoom, the current leader in video conferencing.

Many third parties offer transcription services for web conferencing and online meetings, but if you purchase their Business, Education or Enterprise packages, Zoom can automatically transcribe them for you. Zoom uses speech recognition software to quickly generate high quality, accurate transcripts, without having to share information with third parties.

However, as the transcript is created using ASR (automatic speech recognition) the quality of the transcript can really vary depending on the audio; accents, multiple speakers and technical terminology etc.

You can either use the automated transcript from Zoom, or download the audio to share with a more accurate human transcription service provider.

You can limit who can generate transcripts to specific users or groups, or make it available to everyone on the account. For all three, you must log in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to the same Recording tab, but in different ways for different levels of access.

To allow audio transcription for yourself, go to Settings straight from the Zoom web portal, then go to the Recording tab and make sure the Cloud Recording option is enabled. Under Advanced Cloud Recording Settings, tick the Audio Transcript box, and save the changes. If the option is grayed out, you will need to contact your Zoom administrator for access.

To limit access to members of a specific group, go into User Management, then Group Management. Select the relevant group and go to Settings. On the Recording tab, make sure that Cloud Recording is enabled. Under the advanced settings, tick Audio Transcript and save the changes. If the option is grayed out, you need to get permission from the account holder.

If you want to make audio transcription available to all account users, go to Account Management, then Account Settings. Go to the Recording tab, enable Cloud Recording, and select Audio Transcript from the advanced settings. You can click on the Lock icon to make these settings mandatory for everyone using the account.

When you start a Zoom meeting, click the Record button and select Record to the Cloud, and Zoom will generate a transcript for the recording, as well as separate audio and video files.

After the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the cloud recording, then a second one with a link to access the transcript. Alternatively, navigate to your previous meetings in the web portal on the My Recordings page. Go to the Search by list and choose Keyword. Enter your keyword, and Zoom will list all the meetings containing that word.

For each meeting, you will find a vtt file of the text of the transcript to download and open in your chosen text editor. You can also open the mp4 file to display the transcript alongside the recording. Use the Pencil icon to edit the text, then save your changes. Find keywords in the text using the search bar at the top of the transcript panel, and select phrases to jump to that section of video.

To view the transcript as closed captions, play the Zoom recording and select the CC icon at the bottom right of the screen.

When you click a video recording on the My Recordings page, the playback video launches in a new browser tab, which includes controls for Download and Share. You can also set a playback range for the shared video so that it starts and ends at the times you specify, removing unneeded portions from the beginning and end.

To get a perfect transcript of the call you can securely upload your Zoom audio or video to Take Note to be transcribed by an expert in your field.

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