automatic updates? how do they work : xboxone

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automatic updates? how do they work : xboxone

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my friends and I all have automatics updates on. we have checked each person, guided them through the menus, they for sure have it on. with the most recent updates to games (rocket leauge, overwatch, pubg) sometimes the updates will download right away for some of us, and others have to manually start them. it's just random too. no one person has more problems than the other.

OK. First off, settings that matter:

System -> Updates -> Keep my console up to date: Checked.

System -> Update -> Keep my games & apps up to date: Checked.

Power & Startup -> Power mode & startup -> When Xbox is off, turn off storage: Unchecked (only matters if you have games on an external drive)

Power & Startup -> Power mode & startup -> Power mode; Instant-on selected (not Energy Saving)

Assuming you have the above configuration, your console will then be fairly aggressive about finding and applying updates.

Let's say that an update becomes available for some title at 2am. Your console has a number of opportunities to discover and apply that update:

Forced, in the foreground, when you launch the previous version. Note that if you already have an auth token for the title because you launched it at 1am, you won't be immediately forced to update until you close and re-launch the title (or sign out).

Proactively, in the foreground, by going to My Games & Apps -> Updates and selecting the available update for the title. Note that navigating here caches the response for several hours, so if you checked at 1am, going here may not expose the update for a few hours.

In the background within a minute or two of you turning off your console.

During nightly maintenance (between 2a-6a local time).

Note that in both #3 and #4, there is also a cool down period where the console won't actually check for an update if it has already checked in the last few hours.

Having said that, I dislike that some folks miss the nightly window, or that some titles miss it due to play patterns (i.e; if you play PUBG until midnight like I'm often inclined to do, and then your console checks for an update at 00:15, it won't apply an update that goes like 2 hours later. Ugh).

Without promising dates or whatever, I can say that we're exploring ways to address that particular issue. :)

It doesn’t check constantly, only at set points of the day. When you go to settings you can check the last update status. It will show you the last time your console was updated, and last time it checked for updates.

If an update comes out after the last time it checked, it won’t do it automatically until the next check. Or you start to use something that requires an update.

But why person A will have to update the game manually, and person B's console already downloaded the update. These 2 people are living in the same city and launch the game at the same time so it should be the same for the 2 people no?

it normally checks if there are any about 3am local time if someone releases an update at 6.30am your local time then it will sit there until manually started or the next 3am

2a-6a, but it will skip any title it's already checked for updates for in the last X hours (I don't remember the value for X, it's at least 6 hours though iirc)

Magnets? How do they work

Automatic updates have not worked for me in years. If the games are in an external drive you have to make sure the drive isn't set to power off when your Xbox is asleep.

But like I said, even after doing this, automatic updates still do not work for me.

Usb or wall powered? Is your console set to instant on?

I bet they're working for you, but when you try to play a game that hasn't had the chance to check for updates yet, you get prompted to update and think your Xbox never does automatic updates. Your Xbox could be automatically applying 90% of your updates before you try to play, but you notice the other 10% and think the 90% doesn't exist.

Question -- do not work ever? Or do not work reliably?

I've never had a problem

This is incorrect. I'll post something a bit more thorough shortly.

I have yet to find it checking "several" times a day. It checks only once early in the morning or after you turned it off.

Does that mean during those times the console will turn on to check? As in the Xbox light on the console lights up?


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