7 Exercises to Help Treat Your Trigger Finger or Thumb

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7 Exercises to Help Treat Your Trigger Finger or Thumb

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Trigger finger and trigger thumb are two conditions that go hand-in-hand (literally). This condition, at best, is mildly irritating and, at worst, is extremely painful and debilitating. Trigger finger occurs when your finger’s tendon sheath (the sleeve around the tendon) becomes irritated, causing inflammation. This inflammation impedes your finger’s natural gliding motion when you try to bend it. This results in many common symptoms including finger stiffness, a popping or clicking sensation, tenderness or even a visible bump at the base of your finger, and finger locking in a bent position.

In most cases, many different at home treatments can remedy the catching of the digit in a bent position and the pain upon release. Some include anti-inflammatory medication, hot and cold therapy, wearing a trigger finger brace, and stretches or exercises to help alleviate your symptoms.

Sometimes, a trigger finger or thumb brace is not enough to take care of the condition and trigger finger surgery is necessary. Alongside surgery, trigger finger therapy exercises will be needed to get the digit back to optimal functioning. Below are a few common trigger finger treatment exercises as well as some trigger finger stretches.

In addition to these exercises, it’s recommended to massage the joint or area that is affected by trigger finger. Massaging will help to circulate the blood flow around your fingers and help ease inflammation. Try massaging your hand for a couple minutes every day before and even after you do the exercises above.

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