3 Exercises To Improve Hand Mobility With Trigger Finger - City Place Surgery Center

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3 Exercises To Improve Hand Mobility With Trigger Finger - City Place Surgery Center

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Trigger finger occurs when a finger gets stuck in a bent position causing pain, sensitivity, and a limited range of motion. An affected trigger finger can feel hot to the touch and display a visible bump at the base of the finger. Snapping the finger back into place can make an audible clicking or popping noise. Several easy and safe trigger finger exercises can help get the finger in working order.

Inflammation in the affected finger restricts the tendon by narrowing the space within the surrounding sheath. Trigger fingers can be caused by hobbies or occupations that require repetitive gripping actions. Severe cases of trigger finger can cause the entire finger to remain in a bent position. Try these 3 exercises to improve mobility and find relief.

The finger extensor stretch exercise is simple and requires no additional equipment. Individuals can lay a hand out flat on a solid surface. Using the other hand to hold the affected finger, the individual will gently lift the finger while keeping the rest of the fingers flat. A simple lift and stretch of the finger for a few seconds can improve finger flexibility.

Individuals should start by pinching the tips of the fingers and thumbs together. Individuals can place an elastic band around the fingers. Stretching the fingers away from the thumb and slowly returning to the original position can create tension in the band and strengthen finger muscles.

Towel grasps can be performed with a small towel or a sheet of paper. Individuals can firmly squeeze the object in the palm and hold the position for a few seconds before slowly releasing the grip and straightening the fingers.

There’s no need to make a commute to visit a physical therapist all the way across town. Self-massages can help treat trigger finger at home. Just a few minutes of self-massage a day can reduce pain and improve the finger’s function. Massages before and after the exercises can ease the joints, tendons, and muscles into and out of a workout by increasing circulation and flexibility.

Minor cases of trigger finger can be treated at home with simple trigger finger exercises, self-massages, and over-the-counter pain medication. If improvements aren’t visible within a few weeks or up to 6 months, people in pain should book an appointment with a doctor to determine a comprehensive treatment plan.

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