2 Xboxes in house, One xbox live account? : xboxone

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2 Xboxes in house, One xbox live account? : xboxone

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Just as the title says. With Christmas coming, a buddy of mine is getting a second Xbox One for his son to play. Will he need to get a second Xbox Live account? Google has failed me (or I have failed at google search) and I couldn't find specifics.

If your friend sets the son's new xbox as "home," the son can mooch off your friend's gold.

I plan on doing the same if my girlfriend gets an xbox. That way she doesn't have to pay for gold and we can still play games together.

As long as a account with Gold is the "Home" on that xbox then any account that is made will share the gold. No need for second paid membership.

There is a way to share Gold account, but I have never tried.

The trick is the main gold account holder can set a home console, that home console gives every account on that console gold access and access to all digital games the main account holder ever digitally purchased.

The gold account holder can always sign into another Xbox and enjoy Gold benefits as well as their purchased games, but cannot share it (assuming this console is not set as home console). However, the kick is that this non-home console, must be connected to the internet while it is in use by the gold account holder.

I hope that is clear!?

You only need one Gold account. His son will still need an account, but he can just make a Silver (free) account. The dad with Gold needs to set his sons Xbox as his "home" Xbox. As long as that gold account is on that Xbox, anyone with a silver account will have access to live and his games. They can play all the games at the same time too. My fiance and I just got a second Xbox and have been doing this. It works great!

The same account can be used on both, just not logged in at the same time.

Damn, thanks for the info

Doesn't work simultaneously... tried it. In order for the second person on the second Xbox to sign in, the gold member must sign in first. Having said that, it'll kick the same gold member off the Xbox: "Your profile has been signed in elsewhere."

However! I have not had a single issue playing Xbox One with my gamertag online while a friend played on my gamertag on my 360.


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